After a preliminary period of 3 examinations will be held to assess the ability of the students to continue the course. Unsuccessful and unfit students will be asked to discontinue the course. Fees once paid will not be rounded. At tyre end of every year there will be a State Board Examination. The marks r equired for passing the examination is 50%. The medium or instruction in English. Students in eligible for a Diploma in Genral Nursing and Midwifery awarded by the Karnataka State Nursing Board after the completion of 3 years training suceofully


The entire Murshidabad District Reputed Hospital kvith all its various specialities hospital to the students for clinical experience out student practice Monrnohini health Care, Gitaram Hospital, Lila Hospital & Nidan Narshing Home. A saielE developed Community Hearth Department with urban r rusk community centres with various development activities planned and executed 8Cientifically we at the disposal of students for practiced cornmun!ty health nursing experience. Fxtensive library Sevice together with systematic use of audio visual aids, e-library and availaOle to help the students in their learning process. They shall follow all the rules of the library_ Health Service - On admission every student will undergo a Medical Examination. an Annual check up will be done for all the LIG students. Medical care will be given to al: the students in case of :Mess, the details of which are given :n the Student's Hand nook_ During the course, a nigh standard of health has to be maintained. In case of any given of any illness as that of epilepsy: heart diseases and major heath deviations detected after admission, the student may tie asked to discontinue the course


Stay in the hostel in encouraged to moot the requirements of the course both academic and clinical. During the stay in the hostel, the student will strictly adhere to the Hostel Rules, Every student who wishes to gel admitted to the college Hostel, should make an application at the begining of academic year in the prescribed application submit a fresh application.


The School does not entertain direct telephone calls to the students during working hours Any message should be passed on through the Principal Office
+ 91 8313071555
+91 83130711866
(W) 7908850032


The fees will be charged based on the expenses incurred on education and other facilities offered. Students are expected to meet the expenses in time. Late fees is charged with penalty. Fees are payable as per the approved rates prescribed from time to time online. Fees are liable to oe changed every year. Revision will he made applicable to all.


A sense of decorum and discipline is expected to every student in the shoot, hospital as well as in the entire campus- Ragging is strictly Prohibited_ They shall not indulge either individually or collectively, in any nursing profession, No person who is a student in an educational institutions including an institution under the direct managerRent of the University or of any central Goverment shall vomit ragging. Any person who contravenes subsection shall: on conviction, be punished with imprisoment for a term which may extend to rupees two lakh or with both {RGU code of rules on Anti Ragging.)